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 OMG! I had a blast! New friends and good times! It doesn't get any better!

We really enjoyed ourselves this past weekend with all of you lovely ladies. Haven't experienced a drama-free trip with so many in a long time and its encouraging to know its still possible! Sending all my love from Atlanta, look forward to the next trip

It was nice meeting everyone one the tripp...i can honestly say what a vacation...i'm still recovering ... cant wait to do it again

  What a weekend! Thank you all so much for being a positive and fun group! I truly had a blast 


Had a wonderful time ! I enjoyed meeting new beautiful people. it was a unbelievable experience!!!

 I laughed, I danced, i played, I drank, and I laughed! Thanks to all the promoters. Chicago came out of the woodworks!

 Thank you all for a beautiful experience... sharing such a lovely space... full of positive energy

Very nice Trip !I had a wonderful time, I truly look forward to the next trip 

Haven't been on a vacation without the children in a long, long, long, time, so this was well needed and desired! I enjoyed all the beautiful people and I can't wait til the next guys are the best and I miss yall already!!!!!


Had a wonderful time meeting with all you in town and out of town ladies on the cruise....looking forward to the next time.... job well done :-)All I can say is, THANK YOU to all the organizers. I almost didn't come, but I am so glad I made the trip. I enjoyed every minute of the event along with meeting some awesome people. I look forward to seeing you all again. Peace and Love!

Thanks To the Cruise originator & all that made it an unforgettable experience I really had fun fun fun=> Whoever missed it 4 whateva reasons, the event could never be duplicated, compared to or have any bad reviews. It was a 100% mistake not to show up. In closing====> Can't wait to do way more activities with genuine people, addicting parties, and LOL humor


 I had a great time with ya'll this past weekend!!!! Thanks again for making my 44th Birthday a great one!!!

 I'm testifying Ova Lawd was great fun (Hands in Air>>Halaaaaaa Glory inmy Aunt Ester from Sanford n Son voice)

YES!!!! it was a head turnin eye opening tons of fun experience